ScottGu: No plans to drop LINQ to SQL

There certainly have been a lot of rumors flying around the blogosphere the last 48 hours regarding LINQ to SQL.  I saw three stories on the front page of DotNetKicks alone.

Joe Rattz just made a comment on my last post that Scott Guthrie has dispelled all of the rumors. In Joe’s post, Scott says:

Regarding LINQ to SQL, we definitely don’t have plans to drop this.  We plan to continue to fully support this going forward.

I actually blog most of my samples using LINQ to SQL these days (I just did one last week on ASP.NET MVC form scenarios and used LINQ to SQL for the data access).  Expect to see me continue to blog more about it in the future.

This is good news.  I won’t post links to them, but I’ve seen some pretty nasty comments left on other blogs regarding the perceived death of LINQ to SQL.

And besides — think about it — LINQ to SQL is part of the .NET Framework 3.0/3.5 — there’s no way that they can remove it anyway.

Thanks for letting me know, Joe! (BTW, great book!  It’s one of the most well-written down-to-earth and thorough books on LINQ out there.  Very helpful.)

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One Response to “ScottGu: No plans to drop LINQ to SQL”

  1. It depends on how you define ‘dropping’ LINQ to SQL. They’ll never remove it from the framework, but there won’t be a lot of future investments either. The focus will be on the Entity Framework. That’s pretty clear.

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